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Divorce Lawyer Bradford Ontario

Marriage is the legal bond of two persons. However, it does not always ensure that the bond will remain stable throughout between partners. Thus, conflict can arise, and spouses may wish to end their marital relationship with a divorce. Divorce is a legal way of getting separated from the partner. Some of us use the term separation instead of divorce. However, in Bradford and all of Ontario, there is a difference between divorce and separation. We can use the term, separation, while one or both partners are living apart. After separation, you can hire lawyers to discuss with your spouse about child support and child custody.  

For a successful negotiation, you need to make a separation agreement, a type of legal document on which both parties have to sign. It is essential to get legal advice, as there are different rules in every jurisdiction. To know the laws in Ontario, you can have a consultation with a legal professional. In some cases, a simple discussion with your spouse may help you to make an informal agreement. However, it is safe to make the negotiation legally based on provincial laws. In Ontario, you have to go through two steps

Separation and Divorce

First, when separated from your spouse, you can deal with custody, pensions, debts, homes, and other issues. Your Separation Agreement needs to include these issues. After reaching this agreement, you need to live separately for a year. Then, you may go to the Ontario Courts and apply for a Divorce. In Bradford, the closest courthouse is located in either Barrie or Newmarket. However, the court can reject your divorce application if you have not adequately prepared your Separation Agreement. Therefore, we think you should obtain a legal consultation to ensure the right step. 

The divorce law in Ontario is not very different from that of other provinces in Canada. There is no need to have Canadian citizenship to apply for the divorce. There are different rules when Canadian spouses reside in a country that doesn’t recognize their marriage. In this situation, you have to know about the Family Law Act and Rules. As the overall process would be complicated for you, it is better to hire a lawyer for legal advice.

While applying for a divorce, your reasons must be accepted legally, for example: 

  • You lived apart from your spouse for a year, and thus, you think of ending the relationship.
  • You can never forgive your partner for committing adultery.
  • Your spouse has abused you mentally and/or physically. 

To ensure that you have valid and strong reasons to apply for divorce, you can hire a lawyer.

How Can a Divorce Lawyer Help Me?

Getting a divorce is not a one-step process. You need to draft paperwork, file documents, and track deadlines. As you have no sound knowledge of divorce laws, you may rely on a lawyer. The reliable legal professional will take responsibility for the divorce case. You only need to sign documents, provide facts, give relevant information, and gather essential records.

Your first step is to visit a law firm, like Lemieux Litigation, near Bradford. During the initial consultation, our lawyer will ask you some questions and listen to your case. Our reliable lawyers will help you to understand the divorce process. Moreover, we will work collaboratively with you and your spouse to manage your divorce issues. In some cases, we successfully settle the matter with mediation. Both spouses have to agree on child custody schedules, marital property division, spousal support, and other significant issues. However, mediation may not be an effective option if you have applied for divorce for domestic violence. Divorce is sometimes a slow process. Your spouse’s refusal to cooperate, requiring a divorce trial, and the court’s calendar is not under any one’s control. At Lemieux Litigation, our lawyers will regularly communicate with you to inform you about the case’s progress. 

Best Questions To Ask A Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is the most significant step in your marital relationship. You may feel uncomfortable to file a divorce case. Still, you can simplify your legal steps with legal advice from your lawyer. As you hire a lawyer from our law firm, you can ask her questions.

Do you deal with cases apart from family law and divorce law?

We utilize a focused family law team with experience in a broad range of different family matters.   

Can I know about your fee structure?

Most of the clients like to know the estimate beforehand. Some lawyers have a flat rate, while others charge you on an hourly basis. We discuss our structure during consultations as each matter requires it’s own unique litigation plan or approach. 

How do you communicate with me during the trial?

Your divorce lawyer in Bradford will tell you about the communication mode and the frequency of contacting you. We use the telephone, e-mail, video-conferencing, and in-person meetings. 

What process do you follow to divide marital assets?

There are family property laws to dictate the process for marital asset allocation. You can learn about your division rights from your lawyer. However, in some cases, it is simple to split these marital properties.

How do you solve child custody issues?

Sometimes, couples settle child custody cases with separation agreements and it makes divorce proceedings smoother. If you have not reached an agreement with your partner, or cannot, the matter may require court proceedings to resolve the issue.  

Divorce Lawyer That Understands

Divorce is a stressful situation in your life, and sometimes, you may feel hesitated to share your personal issues with others. However, our divorce team are friendly professionals and are ready to represent you in any level of court in Ontario. They will understand your concerns and make the divorce process simpler for you. Our professional lawyers will maintain a relationship with you, with clear communication until you reach the settlement of your divorce case. Regular communication with our legal representatives will ensure a fruitful negotiation throughout the process. However, we need your co-operation to deal with any divorce case. 

As you contact our law firm, you will find no issue with the availability of legal professionals. We have a family law team to serve our clients. Our team will respond to your queries promptly.  We will take every step to keep you away from legal complications. Our first option is to solve your case privately with meditation and negotiation. If these processes are not effective for you, we require court proceedings. Sometimes, a trial or motion is the only available option. Nevertheless, the majority of divorce cases are easy to settle with mediation and negotiation. As you solve the issue outside the court, it saves your time and money.

We are a full-service law firm providing legal solutions to residents in Bradford, Ontario. Connect with our lawyers and manage your family issues. We will guide you on how to prepare legal documents for the successful lawsuit. 

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