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Marriage, domestic partnerships, and divorce- these family issues often cause legal concerns. If you have filed a case to deal with family disputes, you may need to go through different legal steps. Without legal advice and assistance, you can encounter serious problems. At Lemieux Litigation, we have experienced lawyers to resolve your family matters quickly and cost-effectively.

The self-represented litigants can make some mistakes unintentionally, and their wrong decisions affect both the parties. Thus, hiring a lawyer is best. Family breakdown and conflicts may victimize children in different ways. Children are deprived of the guardianship of their parents in domestic abuse matters. Moreover, child abuse is also common in family issues. If you need to protect your children’s rights, you may rely on legal advice. You can get in touch with our law firm to hire one of our experienced lawyers. Children are highly dependent on adults around them. Parents, counselors, mediators, and lawyers have the responsibility to understand their feelings. To ensure the right judgment to your children, you need to rely on a legal professional in Gravenhurst, Ontario.

There are high risks associated with some family lawsuits. As you do not know about your province’s family law, you can look for a certified lawyer. A qualified family lawyer lowers your risk with their knowledge of the judicial process and advocates your legal rights. Without legal consultation, you have a chance to make the situation more complicated.  An impartial view is highly essential for every family lawsuit. When you hire a lawyer, she will analyze your case impartially. In most cases, litigants are under emotional stress, and they miss out on the most relevant facts. Child custody, divorce, and several other issues prevent them from making the right decision. Thus, it is safe to engage one of the best professionals from our law firm in Gravenhurst. The family law in Ontario also relates the issue of matrimonial property division. When there are jointly owned assets, disputes can arise regarding the net worth of each party. Based on the evidence, the court will try to solve the issue. Nevertheless, you may also look for a legal consultation to protect your rights. At Lemieux Law, we have a team of experienced lawyers, and a family law focused team, to deal with family lawsuits in Gravenhurst, Ontario. Our professionals understand the law.

Family Lawyer Here To Help You

When you have filed a family lawsuit in Gravenhurst, we are here to help you. Our law firm is ready to assist you while-

  • You have to decide on child custody and access 
  • You need to end your legal relationship with your spouse and seek support 

Our lawyers help you in addressing your legal issues, which affect your personal life. Most of the family conflicts are complicated from legal perspectives. When you are feeling stressed with your family issues, you can make sound decisions with legal consultation. Moreover, our lawyers resolve every problem in the most professional, compassionate, and caring way. We have helped clients in different family lawsuits-

  • Divorce applications
  • Child custody
  • child access rights
  • Matrimonial property division between spouses
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Separation Agreements
  • Marriage Contracts
  • Child support  

From divorce to marital property divisions, we have dealt with different issues. We know that the Divorce Act in Canada is not just related to property issues. If you are from Gravenhurst, Ontario, we will focus on the laws of Ontario that pertain to you. Now, get in touch for a legal consultation with our lawyers. Our consultation is given to assist you, and you can come out of a stressful situation.

Understanding Family Law in Canada

Divorce and separation- these two simple terms can have a significant effect on one’s life. You are going to deal with financial and emotional issues while going through a divorce process. As a Canadian, you need to know family laws to manage the divorce case. You may feel that it is not easy to reach a settlement without going to court. However, at Lemieux Litigation, we have a team of professionals to help you negotiate and make an agreement with your spouse. Only a few couples need to approach the court to deal with their divorce and separation cases. If you have legally ended your relationship, you and your spouse have some legal responsibilities. 

Family lawsuits are something more than managing the relationship of spouses. When you have children, you have to deal with child custody. The parents may need to pay the child-caring costs and take responsibility. You can book a legal consultation to start discussing issues with child custody. Spousal support, also commonly known as “alimony”, is usually an important issue to resolve between couples in Gravenhurst.  As you do not know about these guidelines and legal rules, you can rely on our lawyers. Consultation with our professionals will help you best to simplify court proceedings.

Gravenhurst Family Law Advice

It is challenging to navigate a legal process when you have filed a family lawsuit. Hire a family lawyer to know about documents needed to deal with the family law case.

When spouses claim support, they are usually required to provide financial disclosure: 

  • Income tax returns (last 3 years)
  • Assessment notice(last 3 years)
  • The recent statement of your earnings 
  • Proof of income in case of the self-employed person and other financial statements 
  • Proof of income from a trust and partnership

Based on Family Law Rules, the winning party can claim legal costs from the opposing party. 

You can get more legal instructions on the family lawsuit by hiring our law firm lawyers. We will provide you with relevant information and help you to resolve your family law matter. 

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