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The majority of men and women in unhappy relationships endure desperate and hopeless situations before they consider hiring a Family Lawyer. Rather than plan accordingly, they rush when seeking advice. We are dependable family lawyers near Collingwood who focus on family law. We keep all information in strict confidence and serve clients from all walks of life.

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There’s three grounds for divorce in Collingwood: separation of one year, adultery, and cruelty. The separation of the spouses for at least a year, cruelty or adultery come in many different types and forms. The majority of divorces are granted based on separation.

The separation period could start to run as soon as the spouses have no chance of reconciliation. Living together or not is not completely indicative of separation. It’s not essential to have a legal separation agreement for a year before commencing a divorce application.

In rare situations, separation can happen while the spouses stay under the same roof. Spouses are known to be living “separate and apart” while living in the same home, given that they have established a clear motive not to live together. That kind of separation could be the most challenging to steer. Hence, you need the best legal support from a Family Lawyer in Collingwood, who you can depend on to help you.

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Our family lawyers know how challenging divorce and separation can be. At this critical time, you need professional support you can count on to make smart decisions. Our dependable and trusted family lawyers and team are committed to understanding your goals and needs.

We understand that every case is unique, having served many clients already. That different cases require different solutions. Feel free to call us today to arrange a consultation to know more about how we could meet your goals and safeguard your rights.

Our Family Lawyer Law Firm near Collingwood provides a wide range of services from out of court negotiations, representation in court, uncontested and contested divorces, and drafting services for couples who have come to the terms of their separation.

We also offer a wide variety of litigation based services from motions to change/vary child and spousal support, change child access and child custody, retroactive spousal support, and equalization of matrimonial assets.

Our family lawyers have extensive expertise handling parties who are separated and living under the same roof. We know the concerns, which could come out of such scenarios. We are always prepared with efficient solutions and advice.

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We always believe in making divorce and separation more accessible to everyone. Hence, your divorce lawyer has the necessary expertise you need from simple to complicated proceedings. Family law is our area of practice, and we have organized thousands of cases of different situations surrounding divorce and separation.

W are dedicated to assisting you to fix your concerns in the most cost-efficient and effective way possible no matter what your case is. Your overall satisfaction with the result is our utmost importance. We only aim to meet and surpass your expectations.

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