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February 12, 2021

This is a great question if you’re just starting to research what it will cost you to leave that dreaded, no good spouse of yours. Or, if you’re trying to justify how much it will cost to try and get more time with your children, or anytime with them at all. Or if you’re trying to figure out how much child support you’re owed versus how much it will cost you to get what you’re owed and weighing the cost benefits of starting a family law litigation.

Generally speaking, litigation is costly, no matter how you slice it. There is no real answer to how much would a family lawyer cost you because it really depends on your individual case itself. Lawyers hourly rates range from those just starting off to those more senior lawyers, who have been practicing for 5 or more years and have more experience in high conflict family law matter matters. You have to really look at it as “you get what you pay for”. If you want to spend the least amount of money on a lawyer, you can try to find one who charges as least as possible, but don’t be disappointed if that lawyer isn’t able to achieve the outcome you were looking for or is not experienced enough to win the case. You want a lawyer who will talk strategy with you and guide you in the right direction. You want a lawyer who is transparent and tells you the cold, hard facts, for better or worse, like Nicole does.

Some senior lawyers will tell you that, for example, costs for bringing an Application can be anywhere from $500.00 to $5,000.00 or more. Similarly, the costs for a Motion can range from $1,000.00 to $20,000.00, again, depending on the individual case. Family law trials are said to cost an average of $10,000.00 – $15,000.00 per day! If you have a trial that would be 5 days in length, you’re looking at a bill of $75,000.00 plus!

Now, if your whole case is set on trying to collect arrears of child support or extraordinary expenses in the amount of $25,000.00, are you really going to spend $75,000.00 trying to get $25,000.00 back? Likely not. Similarly, if you are trying to get more time with your children, most say children are priceless, but before bringing a Motion to Change access / parenting time, be sure to understand that more time with your children may cost you. These costs may seem outrageous, but once you’re in litigation, it’s hard to stop because you’ve then spent $10,000.00 to get to point A, with sights on point B, and your former spouse could be contesting the matter increasing legal costs.

So, there is really no answer to ‘how much will a family law cost’ because it varies immensely from case to case. This is why we offer a collaborative approach to try and negotiate, before we litigate. Parenting agreements, support agreements, separation agreements, equalization agreements, mediation, and settlement conferences are great tools to get to the point, pay less, and finalize your family law matter quicker.

If litigation can be avoided, we are ready to help! If you require a family law trial we are ready, willing and able!

But, before you start a Court Application, be sure to get sound legal advice from a reputable and trusted family lawyer – Nicole Meringolo at Lemieux Law can help guide you in the right direction. Please contact our office if you live in Newmarket, Bradford, Innisfil, Barrie, Orillia, Collingwood, Bracebridge and need guidance with your family law matter.

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