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Every year thousands of people get injured due to others’ faults. The cause of injuries can be of different types- slip and falls, car accidents, dog bites, and product manufacturing defects. Surely, victims of these accidents need medical attention without any delay. However, how will you get compensation for these damages? Thus, you must consult with a personal injury lawyer in Bracebridge to help you in protecting your rights. Without the professional help of attorneys, you cannot win the case. Moreover, you will find it easy to claim compensation for economic and non-economic damages. 

While dealing with personal injury cases, you may have heard the phrase, pain, and suffering. Nonetheless, most of us do not know what this phrase denotes. For every personal injury case, pain and suffering is a major factor. To file the lawsuit and claim injury-related insurance money, you must have a serious injury. 

Pain and suffering can be considered as 


It is about the physical injuries, discomfort, and pain of the plaintiff. It denotes how much he has suffered for the negligence of the defendant. 


 Mental pain is the result of physical injuries, and it refers to something like emotional distress, mental anguish, anger, fear, humiliation, and shock. The victim can lose the enjoyment of his life. 

Cognitive/Brain Injury

 Traumatic Brain Injuries and Concussions are serious and lifelong impairments that require an experienced and specialized personal injury lawyer to obtain the best results. Accidents and other mishaps can cause traumatic effects on a person’s life. Severe emotional sufferings may also result in post-traumatic stress disorder. There is no hard rule for judges in calculating the pain and suffering damages. The most important thing is to prove that someone’s fault has caused a serious injury.

The best personal injury lawyers in Bracebridge knows the legal rules to manage the lawsuit. As the insurance agency’s lawyers will try their best to lower the compensation, so you must rely on your lawyer. Some insurance companies also deny your personal injury claims, and thus, you can protect your rights with the help of a professional lawyer.

Assessing the level of your injury

As you are claiming compensation with a personal injury lawsuit, it depends on some factors:

Severe physical injuries

The severity level of your injury is measurable with:

  • What type of injuries has affected you?
  • How much time do they take for recovery?
  • What is the cost of your medical treatment for the injury?
  • Any cost for ongoing medical treatment in the future
Permanent and long-term injuries:

In most cases, long-term injury can last for life. However, serious accidents can permanently make the victim disabled.  You need the help of a certified personal injury lawyer in Bracebridge to prove these injuries. The attorney may also consult with your medical specialists to know the severity of your injury. Based on the cause of injury, the defendant may need to pay high compensation. 

Injuries- Personal injury claims

Injuries are ones that affect our soft tissues, including tendons, ligaments, and muscles. The major ones can cause the loss of physical functions, dismemberment, and death. Thus, you must know these facts while making legal claims. However, there may also be fatal injuries for vehicle collisions. For any of these instances, you have to look for legal help to get compensation. Thus, you must speak to your medical professionals and attorneys to take the right step towards getting your compensation. 

Hire a trusted personal injury Lawyer near Bracebridge

If you are highly injured for others’ negligence, you ought to file a case promptly. Moreover, the most important step is to look for a personal injury lawyer in Bracebridge. Lemieux Litigation is a reliable law firm where you can find a team of personal injury attorneys. Not every lawyer deals with personal injury cases. To find the right legal representatives for your case, you can visit Lemieux Litigation. We have created a community where victims can freely discuss their issues with attorneys. Our lawyers will file paperwork to reduce your stress.  

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