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Personal injury cases can bring a traumatic effect on a victim’s life. As our life is unpredictable, we can never prevent mishaps and accidents. However, when the mishap has already occurred due to someone else’s fault, you can at least take steps to get compensation. Severely injured victims may not be in the best condition to deal with lawsuits. Thus, as one of the close relatives, you may file the case to claim justice and compensation. To ensure the best settlement of the case, you have to hire a personal injury lawyer in Gravenhurst, Ontario.

If you are going to file the case 4 to 5 years after the mishap, your claims could not be allowed. Thus, while dealing with a personal injury lawsuit, you must know about the statute of limitations. Ontario laws have set the limitation period for filing the case, and we call it statutes of limitations. Therefore, you have to promptly look for lawyers to avoid missing the deadline. 

As per the Ontario Limitations Act, you will get 2 years after the date of your mishap. However, based on the type of personal injury case, you may find variations in these deadlines. The personal injury lawyer in Gravenhurst is always aware of the deadline. To know more about these statutes of limitations, you can consult with your personal injury lawyer in Gravenhurst.

Fatal injuries and serious accidents

Some accidents can cause death to your dear ones. After the decease of the victim, you ought to file the wrongful death case promptly. 

Injuries from medical malpractice:

Medical malpractices can make you severely injured, and you need to file the lawsuit promptly. In some cases, victims cannot realize the injury and other negative effects of medical misconduct. That is why the two-year period as the statute of limitations could be extended help them to discover the injury. 

Injuries to minors:

Minors are not usually bound to limitation periods unless they have a litigation guardian who commences the proceeding on their behalf.  

Along with the statutes of limitations, you have to know about other deadlines to file the claim. In the case of missing the deadline, you may not have the opportunity to obtain compensation. Hence, you can look for a personal injury lawyer in Gravenhurst to learn more about statutes of limitations.

How does an insurance company evaluate your claims:

Insurances agencies use a formula to calculate your compensation. They make out how much losses you have perceived for your personal injuries. They focus on a range of factors to make decisions-

  • Type of physical injuries (minor and major) and other related damages, like lost wages, medical bills, and property damages
  • Character and criminal record of the plaintiff- Insurance companies look for ways to discredit your claims of injury.
  • Legal counsel of the plaintiff

To start negotiations, insurance adjusters have to identify the total medical costs incurred. This amount will help in making the final decision on negotiations.

Other compensatory damages are based on:
  • Medical Treatment– It includes costs for treating your injury. It also refers to the reimbursement for treatments that you have received.
  • Loss of income- Serious accidents affect your ability to do a job. You have to get compensation for the lost income. 
  • Loss of properties– Car collisions can cause irreparable damage to your vehicles.
  • Emotional effect- You have the right to claim compensation when you have a high psychological impact for the mishap.
Find the best attorney to get help:

At Lemieux Litigation, we have a team of qualified attorneys to help you with personal injury lawsuits. Our personal injury lawyer in Gravenhurst will analyze your case and manage it with dedication and efforts. Never delay in filing your lawsuit. The attorney will review legal options and enable you to get compensation.

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