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We can never foretell what will happen to our lives. A mishap can bring a change to our lives at any time. Sometimes, it is so serious that you need to file a personal injury lawsuit. Personal injury laws cover a vast area in the legal field, as they encompass incidents, like slip and falls, car accidents, and dog bites. These laws relate to any situation when the victim suffers from an injury due to others’ faults. Therefore, the injured party files a case against the alleged persons to get compensation. If you are the victim, serious personal injury can result in several issues in your life. For instance, you may need to pay high medical bills or miss your monthly income over missed employment. Thus, you have the legal right to get compensation. However, as you have filed the lawsuit, you need to prove your claims about the suspected person’s negligence. That is why you need to get the help of a reliable personal injury lawyer in Midland.

There are different situations resulting in the personal injury lawsuit. A few of them are as follows-

  • Automobile accidents:

Vehicle collisions can cause severe head injuries, broken bones, and whiplash. However, if you have filed a personal injury case for automobile accidents, you need to focus on the type of vehicle leading to the mishap.

  • Truck:

A collision with a truck can cause the victim to make complicated claims. There are laws related to truck drivers. If the driver has violated those laws causing the accident, you can bring legal complaints of negligence against him. 

  • Car

A car may strike another vehicle or pedestrian. In some cases, it is a rear-ended collision, when one of the vehicles is at a stop. In other instances, both drivers may be accused of driving the car irresponsibly.

  • Motorcycle

The personal injury laws for bike/motorcycle accidents can be different. In most cases, bike accidents are fatal, as riders have less protection while riding the motorcycle.   

  • Bus

In bus accidents, victims may be in a car or on a bus. As buses are large-sized vehicles, they can cause serious injuries. You can speak to your injury lawyer in Midland to file a case against the negligent bus driver.

  • Product Liability

We buy new products for our regular lives. However, due to manufacturing defects, we may get injured while using those products. As a consumer, you have the right to complain against the product manufacturer.

  • Premises Liability

Commercial property owners have to keep reasonably safe, all people on their premises. When any part of the property is risky to visitors, they need to mark it as dangerous. Property owners, who have not followed these rules, will be legally responsible for the mishap.

  • Dog Bite

Dog owners have a responsibility to control their pets and provide them with proper training. When your injury has stemmed from their bites, you have to file the case against the dog owner and contact a personal injury lawyer in Midland.

Steps that you should take when getting injured in accidents

Most of us feel emotional breakdown when we hear the news of accidents of our dear ones. However, when someone else is liable for the injury, you must take steps without any delay. Your first step is to:

  • Seek medical services

You can visit a nearby hospital to prevent further complications from the injury. Emergency medical services are the best options to reduce pain and restore the health of the injured person. 

  • Report to the police

When you have called police to the accident spot, you have to inform them thoroughly. However, if it is a case of premise liability, you need to report the mishap to the individual accountable.

  • Document the accident

You have to capture images of the site where the accident has happened. Moreover, you may also need contact details of the concerned parties and witnesses.

Look for a personal injury lawyer in Midland

Without a lawyer, you cannot manage the stressful legal process. An injury lawyer will represent you in the court and increase the chance to win the case.With the guidance of lawyers, you may get compensation for personal injury cases. However, compensation can be of two types-

  • Non-economic:

Although nothing can compensate for your suffering and pain, you have to appeal for compensation for pain and suffering. 

  • Economic:

It includes compensations for lost wages, medical bills, attendant care, home maintenance, and caring for children. 

Hire a lawyer for a personal injury case

At Lemieux Litigation, we have a team lead by a certified specialist personal injury lawyer near Midland to help you. Lawyers in our law firm are ready to consult with you to understand the details about your case. With professional assistance, our lawyers will protect your interests and navigate your case effectively.  

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