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This is a parent’s ability to make major decisions for the children when it comes to medical treatments, religion, school and education. There are different types of custody or decision-making models, including sole-custody, joint-custody, shared-custody and split-custody. In deciding which of these is best, parents should ensure that they are thinking of the best interests of the children, always. Each of these respective models have their pros and cons and it is best to discuss these with a family law lawyer so that you understand the advantages and disadvantages associated with each model. Common custody disputes occur between parents of the children. On occasion, grandparents may also claim custody rights in some, albeit rare, circumstances.


This is the parenting time that you spend with your children. The parent that doesn’t have primary residence of the children will have access time or parenting time. This time can be specific to each individual case, but generally, the access parent can have every other weekend and 1 or 2 nights per week (in the week they don’t have the weekend access). Generally, families may choose any schedule that works for them. Common access disputes can include parents withholding children from access, disputes over access and special or religious holidays, birthdays, and vacations.

Properly drafted separation agreements are alternatives to Court ordered custody and access, in some cases. Custody and access disputes are normally emotionally charged. Parents on both sides apply a zero-sum-game approach to negotiating and this results in expensive legal bills and Court intervention to decide the matter. A meticulous and analytical approach is required on a client by client basis for these matters. A family law lawyer will separate the emotion from the law and is better positioned to move the matter forward efficiently and obtain time effective results.

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