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Have you already employed a family mechanic or a family doctor to deal with life’s regular issues? Then, why shouldn’t you rely on a family lawyer? Legal problems can turn up in your life at any time, and a family lawyer is there to help you. If it is a family-related conflict, you can get the best legal advice from your family lawyer Midland, Ontario. Ontarians have to know everything about family laws, as these legal rules govern the relationship between parents and children and between spouses. There are laws related to disputes on marriage and divorce. However, when it is a conflict about a matrimonial property, provincial laws have to settle it. You can consult with your family lawyer to find the best settlement of your case.

Over time, we have found significant changes in traditional family structures. Besides, there is an increasing rate of divorce cases in the past few years. It has resulted in the need to review laws on family disputes. The best family lawyers know about the current family law that helps you take action. Ontario has different courts dealing with family laws. Some communities need to approach the Family Court of the Superior Court of Justice. These courts will handle the cases of matrimonial property divisions, custody, divorce, child protection, and adoption. However, in some other communities, there are two courts to solve cases regarding family disputes. You must choose the right court to deal with your family issues. Amendments to separation, custody, and family properties, can occur at the Superior Court of Justice. However, if you have only sought support without filing a divorce case, there is the Ontario Court of Justice. Spouses can resolve their problems with negotiation, private settlement, and collaborative family law. According to the collaborative family law, two concerned parties have to work collaboratively to settle issues that cause the breakdown of a marital relationship. They can arrange meetings to make the final determinations. However, when spouses have appealed for divorce due to adultery and abuse, it is not easy to reach the solution in this way. Feelings of hostility, fear, and animosity can affect the parties to make the right decision. Thus, collaborative family laws cannot work for every case. When both the concerned parties are determined to avoid litigation, they can work together with their lawyers. As per family law in Midland, Ontario, you and your spouse have an equal legal right to reside in your family home. If separated, you may decide on whether you have to continue living there. You are also entitled to financial assistance with the end of your marital relationship. These are just some examples. 

Family lawyer consultation

Whenever you face family law issues, it is better to consult with a family lawyer in Ontario. The best legal professionals will present you with different viable options for your case. An initial consultation with a family lawyer will help you to prevent further complications of the case. Lawyers experienced and focused in family law understand your emotions when you are going to end your marital relationship. They will help you to make a rational approach to settle the divorce case peacefully. Moreover, reliable family lawyers know how to deal with legal documents to manage conflicts regarding matrimonial properties. With the guidance of your trustworthy lawyer, you can ensure that your home and assets are protected, and fairly divided. 

Your family lawyer is also ready to deal with your child custody cases. When you and your spouse cannot make an agreement on how to care for your children after the divorce, a lawyer will give you the best assistance. With legal advice, lawyers can draft your child custody agreements and avoid conflicts with your partner. Qualified family lawyers in Midland can settle your family disputes outside the court. However, for most of the complicated family issues, you may require court. As a litigant, you will get justice by relying on family lawyers. With experience and legal knowledge, these professionals will serve you best. Have a consultation session with your family lawyer and discuss the conflict with her. 

Have a consultation with Lemieux Litigation family law firm

Lemieux Litigation is an experienced and focused family law firm to help litigants in Midland, Ontario. Our team of professional lawyers will help you in alleviating your stress of family disputes. At Lemieux Litigation, our lawyers work with the primary aim of settling your family problems without appealing to the court. We help you with the settlement of an agreement with collaborative, meditation, and negotiation practices. Our team has fairly resolved many cases with good legal advice to their clients.  

If you need to approach the court, we always represent your interests. Our lawyers apply their skills in advocacy to help you win the case. Our legal representation will enable you to protect your rights.

Our trustworthy law firm, Lemieux Litigation, has settled many different family matters with legal assistance.

Divorce and separation

If you are going to end your common-law relationship and marriage, we help you figure out the right legal step.

Child custody

 The wellbeing of your children always matters most. We assist you in solving your guardianship issues and parenting time after a divorce.

Financial support

Although your marital relationship has come to an end, we help you to claim spousal support. You can stay financially secure with our legal solution.

Family violence and abuse

 You have the right to depend on legal help when you feel unsafe due to your partner’s abusive and aggressive behavior. Family issues can turn out to be more complicated when laws outside Canada have affected your relationship. Thus, never try to manage everything alone. Lemieux Litigation has the experience you want to work for you.

Get legal advice from a divorce family lawyer

If married and no longer wish to live a life with your spouse, divorce is an option. However, you do not always need to go to court for a divorce. If there are written separation agreements, you may fill out the divorce forms and file them at the court registry.

Your marriage certificate is one of the essential documents to get a divorce. Furthermore, you need to make a list of belongings that you will take with you after leaving the family home. As you do not know about the legal documents necessary for the divorce case, you can rely on your family lawyer in Ontario.

The court can grant the divorce when you have a breakdown of your marital relationship in the following situations-

  • Your partner has committed adultery
  • Your spouse has abused you mentally and/or physically
  • Your spouse has lived separately for a specified period (no less than a year before granting the divorce).

However, when it is a case of uncontested divorce, the concerned parties do not need to go to the court for the divorce. 

A divorce case involving property divisions and custody hearings is not unusual. For other complicated litigations, you may need to wait a longer period for the divorce case settlement. Thus, you can consult with your family lawyer to resolve the matter within the shortest time. Lemieux Litigation is a trustworthy law firm in Midland to provide you with the best legal help. 

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