Antonio Meringolo, JD.

Personal Injury & Employment Lawyer

Antonio Meringolo, JD.

Personal Injury & Employment Lawyer

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I recommend Antonio to anyone who is looking for a dedicated, kind and tenacious lawyer. He supported my family and I through a difficult time by keeping me informed and explaining the process in detail. I urge you to have him on your side!

– J. Bustillo

About Me

Personal injury matters of all types and causes are as unique as the people we represent. No single litigation plan works just right across every claim. Lemieux Litigation is not an assembly line for high volume matters. Instead, tailored strategies are developed along side each and every client we work with. Communication is key. This approach yields the best results under the circumstances of each unique claim.

With a specific focus in Personal Injury and Employment law, I offer a dynamic skillset to help my clients navigate more than their personal injury claims, short-term disability & long-term disability claims arising from accidents, wrongful termination and constructive dismissal claims, Canada Pension Plan Disability and Ontario Disability Support claims often derive from a single personal injury claim.

Planning a proper litigation strategy from day one, capable of adaptation and evolving based on the evidence is part of the tailored approach I offer to my clients.

I was raised under the principle of measuring several times and then cut once. To practice my trade with all of my effort and tact. Doing things right the first time, or not doing them at all. This is my core belief system.

My clients participate in the planning and decision making required to craft litigation plans such as these. I maintain good communication and foster trust and confidence in my abilities to see their matter through to completion. I find this approach garners respect from people, and empowers them to take charge and build the necessary confidence required to succeed.

I enjoy serving my local community in Barrie and Innisfil, yet many of my clients come north of Bradford, east of Alliston, west of Newmarket, south of Midland, and central to Orillia.

As a local lawyer who serves his community, I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life. Diversity and knowledge perpetuate a solid foundation of wisdom and sound discretion.

I come from a technical upbringing with a passion for taking apart and rebuilding cars, motorcycles, and machinery. This passion is only second to my green thumb and my inner desire to maintain a healthy environment at home, and in my local community. I grow the things I like to eat and work the earth with my own hands. Hard work and patience always pays off.

I volunteer spare time writing for the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association to advance the best interests of Plaintiff personal injury law on larger scale. I also contribute specific chapters in employment law text books, published by Carswell & Thomson Reuters. I have also participated as a guest lecturer for Humber’s Paralegal Degree students. Giving back to the legal community, and advancing issues like access to justice initiatives are important to me.


I have successfully represented thousands of clients in my career in many different and unique aspects of personal injury and employment law, including:

  1. motor vehicle accidents & motorcycle accidents;
  2. pedestrian vs car accidents;
  3. catastrophic impairment claims & accident benefits;
  4. slip and fall & trip and fall injury claims;
  5. injury claims occurring on ski hills, hockey arenas, mountain biking, and golf courses;
  6. wrongful death claims;
  7. medical malpractice & long-term care facility malpractice;
  8. traumatic brain injury claims & post-traumatic concussion injuries;
  9. tavern liability & bar fights;
  10. injury and workplace claims arising from major depression & severe anxiety
  11. Dog Bite and Dog attacks;
  12. long-term disability and wrongful termination matters;
  13. human rights and constructive dismissal claims;
  14. workplace sexual harassment and sexual assault claims;
  15. workplace Safety and Insurance Act Tribunal Appeals; and
  16. Canada pension plan disability claims and appeals;


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