Personal Injury LawyerInjured in a Motorcycle Accident. How can an Injury Lawyer Help?

February 12, 2021

Motorcycle accidents can be severe and life changing events. The dynamics of an impact between a relatively small motorcycle without any crash protection versus a large heavy motor vehicle do not favor the rider. Helmets, reinforced gloves, boots, riding pants and body armor can only provide so much protection. Many motorcycle accidents can result in catastrophic injuries.

Motorcycle accident victims can suffer knee injuries, ankle injuries, hip fractures, elbow and shoulder damage, road rash, require surgery, fractures and broken bones, torn cartilage, spine damage, chronic pain, back injuries, head injuries, concussions, and brain injuries. These are permanent and serious impairments with long recovery periods.

Our first priority is to obtain copies of police reports, identify witnesses, obtain medical records, and ensure our clients are seeking medical referral to physical and psychological rehabilitation, if they are able to. Identifying and notifying the applicable insurance companies of the pending injury claims is essential to start the claims process and have accident benefits insurers provide access to prompt rehabilitation coverage.

In some cases injured victims of motorcycle accidents require personal care by a personal support worker, paid for by their insurer. They may also require income replacement benefits to help cover periods of time they are not able to work. If the motorcyclist has access to enhanced auto-accident benefits, there could be access to housekeeping and home maintenance benefits, caregiver benefits for children, and cost coverage for extra-ordinary expenses like home modification for traumatic accidents.

We provide access to ‘no win, no fee’ retainer agreements for victims of motorcycle accidents. No up-front legal fees to start a personal injury claim, and free consultations with us. We provide access to virtual consultations, telephone consultations, and answer questions via e-mail during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide prompt access to justice for our clients.

Motorcycle accidents can be complex. Insurance companies look to identify an accident as a single-vehicle style motorcycle accident. By doing so, the rider may lose the opportunity to sue the at-fault driver that caused the collision. Many motorcyclists deal with dangerous drivers, negligent drivers, and careless drivers daily. Whether a rider is cut-off, pushed off a road, swerves to avoid a head-on collision, or must take evasive action at an intersection by a turning vehicle – there is an at-fault motorist and a potential claim against their insurer.

Motorcyclists wear rider-cams, have GPS trackers and ride in groups to help prevent serious injury, contact police and first responders, and identify the motorist that causes the accident. A single vehicle motorcycle accident without independent corroboration of another motor vehicle’s involvement can result in reduced insurance coverage for the injured motorcyclist, or no claim at all.

Speaking to a certified specialist like us can help the liability investigative process and identify the evidence required to advance a personal injury claim at its fullest potential. We ride motorcycles. We know how they work, how to ride safely, and importantly how accidents can happen. Do not let an insurance company tell you that you’re at fault. We have experience in complex motorcycle accidents and know how to advance our clients best interests.

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